Adam Treister

My history of making stuff.

The world's largest marketplace for online learning.

Joined as early employee in 2014. Helped scale company from 30-350 employees and 10X revenue over 4 years. Launched experiments spanning all major customer channels. One of three founding members, and Product Lead of Udemy's Business Innovation Team. Product Lead on two new product lines (Online Mentoring and Practice Exams), and multiple other core features.

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The largest e-commerce store for patent-design drawings, posters, and artwork.

Designed, built, and launched a fully-automated e-commerce business using a scalable API-based tech stack to sell, print, and dropship design-patent artwork around the world.

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Online User Experience Course

An online course to understand User Experience Design (UX) and how to design web and mobile apps.

Designed and launched an online course for UX design on Since launching in 2015, the course has attracted over 5,000 students and has become one of Udemy's top-ranked UX courses.

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Student Source

A freelancing marketplace for college students to connect and work with local businesses. was a freelancing marketplace for college students. We allowed businesses to outsource work projects to college students and recent graduates nationwide, and then helped to facilitate the transaction and workflow. After raising a small amount of funding, we scaled to 700 student-workers across over 100 universities. However, in 2013 the company was shut down. For more information, [click here]



San Francisco, CA USA